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Xiamen Xyz Sports Company Limited is a new kind of carbon bicycle wheel company (from 2013) born from a genuine love and passion for cycling, structured around what we believe is the most effective way to produce high performance carbon fiber wheels.

Our company is built on mutual respect, delivery on promise and fastidious attention to manufacturing details. We do this by providing exceptional customer service and aggressive marketing, supporting distribution through dedicated dealers, distributors, OEM and direct sales. Market share growth is achieved through continuous product and process improvement, adding new products, additional categories and expanding the distribution channels.

A high value or a value in excess of that normally or usually expected this is exactly what XYZ strives to deliver. We invest heavily in research and development and the constant evolution of our own engineering techniques and technology to deliver premium products.

If you've got any issues with your service with us, or want to give some feedback, please contact us. We are a manufacturing company located in Xiamen, China.


No.45 2nd South Haijing Road,(Bonded Port Area),
Xiamen Area of Pilot Free Trade Zone (Fujian) of China